User Feedback

“I used the Spyder ECG which was prescribed by my Doctor because of recent symptoms of fast and irregular heartbeats. It was small and easier to use, compared to the traditional wired Holter ECG system, which therefore allowed me to be monitored for a week. My irregular heartbeat was caused by Atrial Fibrillation which was only detected on the third day of monitoring. I am now treated with a blood thinner to prevent stroke and grateful that this compact system was able to detect my condition quickly and accurately.”


“I am absolutely impressed with the product! I am very thankful that the device did catch some abnormality, which helped my doctor with his diagnosis.”


“I wore wired-holters before and found wearing the wire-free Spyder to be very convenient to use. It was easy to bring along, lightweight and convenient for ladies. I have also recommended Spyder to my friends and relatives!” 

Ms J S

“I chance upon Spyder after researching online for a suitable cardiac monitor and has used it ever since. My cardiologist was especially surprised when I told him how much I got it for. The auto-email feature helped me to keep track of my cardiac episodes, while making it simple for me to forward to my cardiologist for review. Strongly recommended!”


” The current hospitalisation enabled me to test out an invention of our  #NHCS: Spyder. #Spyder is a compact heart monitor invented by our cardiologist, Dr Philip Wong. It is now available in more than 30 countries. It does a marvelous job of sending my ECG continuously real time, to NHCS and without any cumbersome cables. It is non-invasive, easy to use, detachable: it’s really a v cool product!”

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